Our clients continued enjoyment of their custom home, years after our initial meeting, remains our greatest measure of success. Their testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence and customer service.

Ryan and Tonya H.

After numerous recommendations from his past clients, we used John and his team at Matustik Builders to build our dream home. It was our first time building a home and John went above and beyond in walking us through the process from start to finish. The insights he had not only saved us from costly mistakes, but provided options and additions to our home that we would never have thought of. John was always available for any questions and was proactive in his communication. The whole team was professional and kind. When very custom features were added, John always had a contact to help complete the request. During a very challenging COVID time that strained the supply chain, the progress of the house did not skip a beat, solely because of John’s extra efforts and unique skills in coordinating timelines and his many dedicated people. We went into our first home building project not knowing what to expect, but in the end know that Matustik Builders exceeded any expectations we had. On time, on budget, high quality and fun to work with. Every time we walk into our home we feel blessed.

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John and Nikki F.

We rarely take the time, or make the effort, to write a review or testimonial for anything. Fact is, we are often disappointed by many products or services. We are both health care professionals where there is an emphasis on quality outcomes and value. Maybe our standards or expectation are too high. This is why this review is so important to us, (and to you) if you are considering John as your builder.

We had the experience of building 3 homes prior to working with John on this one. We were ‘knowledgeable’, having learned through our prior experiences. Good and bad. Anyone who has gone through the home-building experience will tell you it can be both a dream and a nightmare.

The builder is critical to the experience, and the most important decision that will be made on the project. This may seem obvious at first, but it’s amazing how people (ourselves included) will ignore their instincts and make the wrong decision. This decision should not be made based simply from a budget on a spreadsheet or a proposal on a contract. At the beginning it’s hard not to focus on the ‘numbers’ but this often will lead to rationalizing a bad choice.  “Buy nice-Buy twice”. “Penny wise-Pound foolish”. “You get what you pay for”. These idioms are so incredibly true when it comes to picking the right builder and emphasize the importance of the ‘intangibles. There is tremendous ‘value’ both economically and qualitatively to the right builder…..and John has it.

Quality. Integrity. Communication. Dedication. These are core values that could easily define any excellent person, company, or relationship. These are critical to a great build and builder. We keep using the word ‘builder’ because that is what embodied John to us. With our other projects we had ‘contractors’, with this home we really had a builder.

He is the epitome of professionalism. He was transparent throughout the project. When he didn’t have an answer, he would ‘say so’, and then find a solution. His communication was phenomenal through calls, text, and emails…..often late at night. This was very important to us as we are both very busy, with odd hours. Communication is what avoids the mistakes, and cost or time overruns.

He is open and really listens. While he will give you opinions when needed or asked, he has figured out the ‘art’ of not overly inserting himself. This can be difficult for builders as they are usually ‘control freaks’ (LOL), and for good reason. For most projects ‘time’ is a critical element. If the contractor can’t deliver on-time, it affects their other projects, creates more expense, and often can ruin the overall experience. Here he truly has the ‘secret sauce. Without being a task master, he keeps everything moving at a great pace to meet the deadline. This is important to him and it shows.

Even though he may have several projects running simultaneously, he makes you feel like you are the only one! It should be noted that John does not do this alone. He surrounds himself with the ‘best of the best’. He leads by example, and the sub-contractors see and feel this as well. His expectations are high, and they know this. Depending on your needs he has a ‘team’ of people including architects and designers that you can use or not. He is not heavy-handed or pushy in terms of using any particular person or product. This is very unique to him and also critical.

Ultimately John built us our ‘dream home’, but it wasn’t just the ‘bricks and mortar’… was the relationship. His sincere caring for what we wanted. His eye for quality and detail. His excellence. This a rare person and we hope you have the opportunity to experience that yourself.

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John and Sarah C.

John Matustik and Matustik Builders were the builders for two of our Lake Geneva homes.  He provided the quality level of management, communication, build results, and efficiency that every client wants and needs when investing in a new home project.  He worked well with our architect’s team and followed through successfully on every element of the project from foundation changes to complex trim and design requirements.  The end result is a home we love and wows our guests.  After we moved in and started using the home, he and his team were available to answer questions and support us in time sensitive situations when something didn’t work.  He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy.

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Tim and Sheila K.

We contracted with John Matustik of Matustik Builders in September, 2016 to build our house to suit in Lake Geneva, WI. It should be noted that this was a complicated purchase and sale agreement as the “house-to-be-built” was owned by another person who had a full set of architectural planes but only the house’s foundation had been poured. From the get go John worked with us (and the existing owner/seller) with a “can do” attitude to find a solution that would satisfy us both. John worked with my wife and I tirelessly literally across scores if not hundreds of modifications to the existing house plans in order to make the house “ours.” Furthermore, John executed on all these modifications and change orders on a cost plus labor basis for us…He didn’t have to do this…as is customary, he could have passed along standard “mark-up” on all our modifications/changes orders but chose not to. For this reason alone I would hold John in the highest regard for his integrity but he went well beyond that in other areas as well.

In terms of communication, I can’t imagine how John could have done more or better. John literally answered our many questions via phone, email and/or directly both day and night. John was again, tireless in communicating what was going on at our house at all times both as a general contractor and via his sub-contractors. John is a meticulous planner and had a schedule of when various phases of the construction process were to be executed and completed and thus when we as the owner, needed to make “selection decisions” for and by what date. Perhaps it goes without saying but this kind of organization, planning and execution is highly unique to the residential home building market and certainly separates John and Matustik Builders from virtually all of its peers.

If ever there were delays, errors or things didn’t turn out as planned, John was immediately accountable and sought ways to find a solution and make things right. Again, this is very different from other general or sub-contractors who when something goes wrong (and they inevitably do when building a home), become suddenly hard to get a hold of and/or unresponsive. I have never, not in one instance, found John to be this way. He has always been responsive, accountable and solutions oriented whether things are going right, wrong or somewhere in the middle.

Post moving into our house, nothing has changed in terms of John’s behavior and accountability. There is always a “punch-list” of remaining work or changes to be completed and John is always working with us to resolve this ever shortening list. He remains and is always accessible.

In summary, for all the aforementioned reasons, interactions and experiences we’ve had with John and Matustik Builders, I can without hesitation say I would highly recommend John and his firm to anyone building a home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to discuss should you have any questions or I can serve as a reference in any way.

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Steve and Betsy

We would like to thank John and his team for the wonderful home they built incorporating my very specific needs. We needed Matustik Builders to find an architect who has ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) design experience and create a home that would make lake life easier, more comfortable and safer for me when I am in my wheelchair. The result was an impeccably constructed home with an open floor plan and wide pass throughs maximizing the space of a corner lot, utilizing sill-free sliding doors, low easy-to-access storage space, and wheel-in-shower, complete with a 5-stop elevator. And we were still able to get multiple decks and a three season screen porch. John’s management of his highly skilled and efficient team produced this home throughout the winter in under 5 months – and now my husband and I are able to enjoy a perfect Lake Geneva summer with kids and grandkids. The confirmation came yesterday when multiple people paused on the street in front of our home to comment to us how beautiful a home we had, and to ask permission to take pictures. This made me feel John had given us something really unique and very special.

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Dan and Kristin P.

We finally made the tough decision to knock down a home that had been in the family for years in order to build a lake home that we hoped we would enjoy for generations to come. It was clear to us that John Matustik was the one we wanted to complete our vision. We had seen the quality and timelines of John’s work at several beautiful homes he had recently completed in the Lake Geneva area. John kindly made himself available throughout the entire planning process so that he could be there to address any potential issues and also offer guidance and fresh ideas. John laid out an aggressive timeline in order to make sure we would not miss any precious time at the lake. John’s tremendous leadership with his trades and his excellent organizational skills were instrumental in delivering the project on time. We were thrilled that the project was completed mid May so that we still had time to work out finishing touches before the summer began.

In addition to John’s exceptional ability to orchestrate all the moving parts on his end, John’s constant communication with us was extremely helpful, especially since we did not live near the project site. John posted pictures almost daily that showed the most minute detail of what had been accomplished that day. These photos were so helpful in making sure that we were always on the same page. John’s commitment to making sure that we were 100% satisfied with every aspect of our project was evident in his availability to be reached by phone or e-mail anytime, day or night.

We have been living in the home for several months now and are extremely happy with how everything turned out. This is a home where we do quite a bit of entertaining, and we definitely notice the measures John took to optimize the home’s sturdiness and soundproofing between floors. The home seems to be extremely well built. It was such a pleasure to work with John, and we would not hesitate for a second to choose John for any subsequent projects.

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Mollie, Maria and Tom

John is our hero – he is pretty much a miracle worker. After our teardown became a fixer-upper due to setback issues, Adam at Midwest Design Group designed our home and John built it more beautifully and perfect than we could have imagined or believed possible. His attention to detail and budget constraints were phenomenal, along with great creativity in less than ideal circumstances. All of his staff and sub-contractors were top notch, professional and loyal, and he completed it all 2 months early – which is completely unheard of and astounding! We will work with him again (if we ever have the chance) and would recommend him to anyone building a home. Thank you, John!

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Mike and Carolyn R.

When we decided to build our home at Lake Geneva, we chose our builder very carefully because our family has been in the homebuilding business for years. John Matustik came highly recommended from many sources. John knew we were discerning clients based on our background, and he highly exceeded all of our expectations. Throughout the entire process, he was incredibly professional in all aspects of the project and helped with every decision no matter how big or small. John was always accessible to us when we needed him. He helped keep us on schedule and delivered an incredibly high quality home in record time! We love our home, and would highly recommend Matustik Builders to anyone.

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Scott and Michele B.

We interviewed John along with several other prominent Lake Geneva Builders to bid on our tear down project. One of our requirements was to not lose a summer season after tearing down the original house on 9/15/15. After a comprehensive builder assessment we selected John believing that he was uniquely capable of meeting our timeline with a high quality standard.

Matustik Builders delivered our project ahead of schedule, on budget and exceeded our expectations on quality. The building experience and final outcome was outstanding. John runs a highly disciplined construction schedule and engages the homeowner throughout the process. When things came up in the field, he quickly adjusted, solving problems and always put us first. He was accessible 24/7 throughout the building process. Thx John, for helping make dreams come true!

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Tom and Jen D.

We have worked with John Matustik and Matustik Builders in the past on a few small projects, so when we decided to build our dream home there was no question where to turn. From beginning to end, John and his team made the building process a pleasure. Knowledgeable, thorough, meticulous, and patient, they are as trustworthy as it gets.

Breaking ground in the fall, John laid out a clear plan to have us in our house by Memorial Day Weekend. Sure enough we were in a few weeks earlier than that which is unheard of! Meeting every deadline he sets, John truly has the customer’s best interest at heart.

We continue to highly recommend Matustik Builders to anyone and everyone!

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Geoff and Megan H.

The Matustik Builders team ensured that our home renovation was one time and stress free. Their process focuses on an attention to detail on all aspects of a project; from providing a realistic completion date to taping off areas to keep a clean job site. The team made sure every item was completed to specification and returned to the site almost instantaneously to correct any issues or punch list items. It was one of the best construction experiences we have had and we plan to use them on all of our additional projects.

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Brian and Maureen C.

“Move That Bus” that’s how we felt as if we were living our own Extreme Makeover Episode featuring Matustik Builders. From the inception of this project until our final walk through, every detail was handled with quality craftsmanship and professionalism.

In our initial meeting last August, John Matustik and his architect, Adam Shore of MDG provided us information on how the project would proceed. We were shown previous projects, their timelines and how Matustik Builders could effectively meet our building, financial and timeline requirements. John informed us that his name is attached to the projects he takes on, and it is very important that he upholds his reputation.

John suggested a list of highly qualified vendors and was not opposed to working with outside vendors that we suggested. It was clear, that Matustik Builders were flexible to their clients needs in order to ensure the construction project was 100% completed to our satisfaction.

Matustik Builders also brought a social element to the building process. We had access to our own personalized” Client login” webpage. We were out of town during most of the construction, so this aspect was very beneficial. Pictures were uploaded to show various stages of the construction project along with a construction timeline. This was crucial, as we were made aware of changes that needed to be implemented and able to communicate with John in a timely manner.

I cannot express how much we LOVE our new home. John and his team even completed our home before the scheduled completion date. I highly recommend Matustik Builders to all who are considering future construction needs.

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Donald and Bride B.

Our family looked for years as to where to build our “dream” summer home. While visiting a friend living in Lake Geneva last august was when it really hit home and I thought this is what our family wants to be. The lake, the people and the vibe of good times, family and friends. Within a month we purchased a lot in South Shore Club and met John who was already building our next door neighbor’s house as well as a house across the way from us. John broke ground on our house in November and worked diligently throughout the winter. His main goal was to get us into our new home by Memorial Day weekend.

John was very easy to work with and since I had worked in the electrical field he was willing to allow us to bring in some of our own suppliers. Each week as we looked at the pictures he posted on his website, we were amazed. The progress was moving along quickly. I am a very poor decision maker and would take forever to make a final decision so thank goodness for John to gently nudge me along to reach all of our Memorial Day weekend goal, and we did! Any time we would call John he answered or would call back within minutes and was emailing at all hours of the night. I wondered when he slept…and that is why very detail is amazing from the interior to the exterior. When the time comes to update our full time home, John is our guy.

Thanks John for helping build our memories!

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Rachel B.

I began this project in the South Shore Club as a distant “maybe” when introduced to John Matustik by Michalene Melges. Shortly after a few great meetings with John, he was able to turn doubt into a complete reality. John methodically and patiently began and executed each necessary step to make the home building process a fun and smooth experience. We started working with Adam Shore on plans and was able to convey my ideas to him, with input from John, easy enough to simplify and expedite the beginning stages. From that point John scheduled each meeting in the order needed. John dedicates a lot of his extra time to making sure that the decisions are comfortable and your options are the best. He has the best team to coordinate the selections from tile, countertops and flooring with good experienced associates. The carpentry was finished with perfection and complete understanding of the look I wanted for this lake house.

The complete process was made possible in less than six months and we were in for the opening weekend of the season! The house itself has already served as a “dream house” for myself and family. Guests love the house and describe it as the perfect home as soon as they enter.

This has been such a good experience for my family, I would build again tomorrow with John if given the opportunity.

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Joe G.

We hired John Matustik based on the recommendation of some friends. At the end of our project we consider him a friend.

John built our vision and dream as if it was his. His entire team embraced the same attitude.

If we ever build again, Matustik Builders will be the first and only call!

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Tim H.

John, were terrific as were all of the people you referred me to in order to build this amazing lake house. Adam Shore, the architect, had a keen eye and a artist’s touch. He could see beyond what existed (a creepy, dark 75 year old fishing cabin) and design a lake house to be proud of and enjoy. Bonnie and Joe were terrific help picking out tile and fixtures — I’ve already thanked them but please do so again for me. Every sub I ever interacted with was a consummate professional and always helpful and pleasant. They obviously followed your lead.

The past 4.5 months have been terrific fun. Honestly, I cannot fathom that you started tearing down the old creepy cabin on October 18, 2012 and on March 1, 2013, we walked through my beautiful new home. Other than the obvious benefit of having a fun lake house to enjoy with my family, I am sad we are through with the building process. I have been lucky enough to be able to build four custom homes, including the home we just completed building. Two have been built in Colorado, 1 in Mexico, and this one in Wisconsin. I have never worked with another builder who did everything they said they were going to do as efficiently, effectively, and with the same level of attention to detail as you did.

You even beat your originally promised aggressive timeline of 5.5 months by a full month. We tore down the old cabin, tore out the old foundation, built a new foundation, dug a new well, buried a new waste holding tank, and built a four story custom home with 5 bedrooms (including “the orphanage” attic which sleeps 10), 4.5 baths, two zoned HVAC, two beautiful decks, 2 laundry areas, a multi-level outdoor patio with bluestone hardscape and boulder retaining walls and a fire-pit, and parking for 6 cars in a 40’x90′ lot bordering on common areas (with attentive neighbors and nary a complaint). All of it accomplished while building through the winter in Wisconsin. All of that in 4.5 months, and exquisitely done! That has got to be one for the records. Oh, I almost forgot… I live in Colorado and most of this was done long distance on my part.

Thank you for your hard work. Please thank your family for me for the late nights and weekends you put in.

Keep an eye out for any screaming real estate deals out there. I’ll never want to give up the house you just built for me, but who says you and I can’t build another?

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Tim and Katie M.

You couldn’t pick a better, more responsible, more professional, more detail oriented partner for your building process than John Matustik. We approached our new home with a list of needs and wants, a high bar for success, and a strict budget, and John has made our dreams come true. And from tear down to move in, he did it all in under four months!

We were consistently impressed with his approach to customer service, sending daily photos of our construction, staying in regular communication by phone and email about project details throughout the process, addressing questions and concerns in quick turn around, and more – all elements you want in a builder that enhance your work together.

John is a proven manager. We had the opportunity to meet many of the team members he brought to our project – builders, painters, electricians – as well as the vendors he recommended to us for cabinets, tile and plumbing fixtures. This was a hard working team, and they all were proud to work for John and raved about him – all testaments to his leadership and partnership.

We highly recommend John Matustik for your building project – in fact, we’ve already sent our family his way! Whether you’re working on new construction or updating a select portion of your home, John will take care of it right and well – and you’ll have fun in the process.

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